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Amber Albrecht

Albrecht Last Saturday was Nuit Blanche here in Montreal, which is basically all about drinking too much, staying up too late and gallery hopping. This was my third year going out and it can be a real hit or miss, it all depends on timing, what you decide to see, how much free alcohol you find and how crowded things get. Last year we hit up the Centre for Canadian Architecture, discovered they were giving out free booze and pretty much stayed put. This year their party was a little weak (though they did have a giant pink blow-up doughnut that you crawled into and made roll forward by shifting your weight. We were having a pretty amazing time with that until the security guard kicked us out by saying it,  “wasn’t for everybody,” which basically just meant us and our somersaulting) so we stayed just long enough to check out the exhibit then headed home. By that point it was already 2 am and my night had started early.

It all kicked off in the afternoon at a vernissage for Demarcations, a solo show by Amber Albrecht. I’ve been a fan of Amber’s work for a long time, even before I got to know her, and have always found her style and narrative voice to be haunting in the most beautiful way possible. I stopped into a lot of galleries that night but her show was by far my favourite, in fact I even popped in for a second time, shortly before midnight and found myself again pulled into her delicate and dreamy world. Amber and I’d spoken about her work (which I wrote about in this weeks issue of the Mirrorthe day before and speaking to her about it added a layer of clarity that I wouldn’t have thought about otherwise. Finding out she loves patterns and math has totally made me look at her work in a completely different way, and I find myself looking at her pieces as though they’re one giant maze and there’s only a single way out. 

The show runs until April 04 at Division Gallery 373 Ste-Catherine W., #311.


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