Virtually Bound

p2190705I love a good book. A book with a great cover I love even more. Shallow as that sounds, it’s the truth. Covers are like clothes (they call it a dust jacket for a reason) it’s the first thing you notice.  And just as clothes help to shape our immediate impressions of the person wearing them, so does a cover shape our immediate impressions of a book.

Had I not become a writer, I like to think I could’ve turned to designing things that contain writing (despite being incapable of drawing hands—even my life drawing subjects wore mittens, albeit nude mittens—and just about everything else, I was accepted to art school) things like books, magazines, health pamphlets.

Book Cover Archive, is a new site dedicated to book covers and the designers who make them. Clicking on any cover will take you to info about the author, publisher and designer. Some even have notes on the typeface (!) Run by two design dudes out of the States, the focus in strictly on new design and contemporary covers, few titles on the site were designed before 1995.

Flipping through the collection it’s funny to look at the similarities in the titles you’re drawn to. I found myself thinking of The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a book I was lukewarm about, looked a hell of a lot more interesting given a more updated cover (though, I’m guessing the contents are still original). 


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